Messbo: Ihr Experte für präzise Messlösungen

Since 2004, we have been engaged in the production of pressure gauges at Mesbo, bringing in-depth expertise to our field. Our founder, Andreas Bondza, obtained the title of Industrial Master in 2006 and has been a Technical Business Administrator since 2011. As passionate tinkerers and problem solvers, we enjoy developing new products such as LED-illuminated pressure gauges, alarm gauges, and various digital pressure gauge projects.

Messbo is our online shop where we offer high-quality "Made in Germany" pressure gauges from EMPEO. EMPEO is our own manufacturing company. Our digital pressure gauges are sourced from the Far East and exclusively distributed by us. The exceptional quality of our products has allowed us to supply laboratories, universities, colleges, mechanical engineers, and retailers for years. Of course, we are also the right contact for individual device maintenance or end consumers.

Qualität von EMPEO

In our Messbo Shop, we primarily focus on our standard pressure gauges manufactured by EMPEO. For larger orders or projects that EMPEO already produces, we closely collaborate with EMPEO. We exclusively distribute our digital pressure gauges through Mesbo.

In summary:

EMPEO = Mechanical Gauges "MADE IN GERMANY"
MESSBO = Digital Gauges

Qualität von EMPEO

We serve various industries, including mechanical engineering and automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technology, shipbuilding, energy, pharmaceuticals, rail vehicles, and hydrogen technology.

Our advantages:

EMPEO gauges: "Made in Germany" since 1926, customized solutions, unique dial design, and fast delivery times for special solutions (possible within a few days)
Our digital gauges: Very easy to use (1-button solution), no complicated menu navigation, standard AA/AAA batteries, durable and high measurement accuracy.
At Messbo, we prioritize quality, precision, and reliability. We look forward to assisting you with all your measurement requirements!